Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’–Keep those food trucks Rollin’

19 Jul

SsahmBBQ on the roll!

I’m excited about the whole gourmet food trunk just like everyone else.  I’ve been haunting the websites and trying to coordinate my schedule so I can be hip like Anthony Bourdain–yep working on upping the booze consumption and the swagger.  So, far I’ve found four–Nammi Crusin Vietnamese Fusion, SsahmBBQ Gourmet Korean Tacos, Jack’s Chowhound and Gandolfo’s NY Deli which are rolling now.  Nammi and Ssahm have websites with weekly schedules.  For Jack’s and Gandolfo’s you have to haunt their Facebook pages to find out where they are.  So, needless to say I’ve had Nammi and Ssahm.

BBQ Pork Banh Mi--which is fancy for sammich!

Today I had Nammi.  I love banh mi. LOVE IT! Van turned me onto it back in the day. But you know what’s better than banh mi? When the banh mi truck drives up to your work and parks in front of your building like a like a beacon–a burning bush on a mountain top, except with radish and BBQ pork.

And that’s what Nammi food truck is–a burning beacon of banh mi. I woke up this morning excited because their schedule placed them smack dab in front of my work. And Nammi delivered–pun intended.

The bread was perfect. I’ve had some banh mi where the bread was so French that it stabbed my mount, cough, cough, looking at you Potbelly, cough. But this bread was flaky and still help up all the ingredients the shoved inside it. And trust me, they got plenty of stuff inside the sandwich. I had the BBQ pork and it was flavorful. The daicon and carrots were supper sweet. The jalapeno super spicy. All the flavors collided just like they are supposed to.

The gals from work--we get really excited about lunch!

I swilled it around with the Basil Mint Lemonade and I was in fusion heaven. Alice Laussade said it best when she said it was like having steak and red wine together for the first time. You NEED the lemonade.

Sandwiches are 12″ for $6. Totally worth it. Suck on that Subway–$5 foot-long my butt. Those sandwiches TASTE like you are on a diet. The banh mi at Nammi taste AMAZING.

SsahmBBQ was in front of my work yesterday even though it was not on their website.  Someone at my work said, “Hey, there’s one of those cute food trucks outside.”  I made the cat-hearing-the-can-opener face and ran to the window.

Yeah, LUNCH!  I had the beef short rib burrito.  It sounds spectacular on paper: marinated certified Angus short rib with sesame soy vinaigrette salad, monterey jack & cheddar cheese, cilantro, onion, carmelized kimchi, cilantro lime jasmine rice wrapped in a flour tortilla.  If it sounds like something straight from Good2Go Tacos, be assured that’s how it tasted.  That’s a good thing.  However, I suggest leaving the cheeses off.  I love cheese and it pains me to type this, but the cheese really messes up the vinaigrette taste as well as the carmelized kimchi.  The burrito is $7 and you only need one.  

They also have tacos, kimchi fries and instant noodles. Meat choices include the short rib, spicy pork, spicy chicken and for you non-meat people, tofu.

My burrito was pretty dang good.  Not the most amazing thing I’ve ever had, but good.  I will go there again.  Partially for the food and partially for the cosmopolitan feeling I get telling my friends how I grabbed a Korean burrito at a gourmet food truck. Yes, I’m shallow and a band-wagon jumper on-er, especially when said band wagon has tasty food in it.  

Bursting with meat and rice--good burrito!

Now for the stuff that annoyed me–poorly conceived.  Before they stuck signs all over their truck maybe they should have done a dry run.  The menu is located by the pick-up window.  The chips and drinks by the order window. The gal out front will direct you to totally ignore all signs.

Both trucks have snacks. Everyone at my work totally covets my Hello Panda cookies with the chocolate cream inside. I pretend they are screaming and begging to be spared before I bite into their heads for their little chocolate brains. Yeah…I’m that person. Hobbs would be proud.

As for the other two trucks–I will find you. Mwahahaha!


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